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THANKS for signing up!


You will receive an email confirmation soon with instructions and password!

(Zoom Account NOT required to attend class)

Yoga for Every-Body!

“LIVE” Complimentary Yoga Classes with Audra Miele, RYT

Prior to class:

  • You’ll want to download the ZOOM app (or visit onto the device you plan to use. An account is not required to join a meeting.

  • If you wish to watch prerecorded class on your own schedule, please visit the video page. Videos will be uploaded as they become available. Please be patient, as this does take a bit of time, but I will do my best to upload ASAP.

  • Prep your space with your mat and other props you wish to have, such as a blanket, chair, or some water.

  • If you are practicing from a computer, turn up the volume to an appropriate level for you. If practicing from a phone or tablet, you might consider adding a speaker (Bluetooth/aux) to help with potential volume issues.

  • To minimize disruptions during class, PLEASE sign into the class a few minutes prior to start time.

  • The “waiting room” will be open approximately 5-10 minutes prior to class start. Say hello to others while you’re waiting!

  • Once we begin class, please set your audio to mute (just like silencing your cell phone!)

  • After class, I will leave some time for questions, feedback and discussion.

  • Always practice safely and with awareness. Listen to your body! Practice at your own risk.


I would like to extend thanks to all of you who have
continue to support my efforts! I greatly appreciate it!

Your donations help me to cover the costs of putting this all together. So if you find this class of benefit and would like to donate here’s the link:

You can submit questions or feedback via the contact page and you can also keep in touch on the facebook group page.

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